The various forms of  Agave parryi – part 6

Wim Alsemgeest and Jos van Roosbroeck.

A closer look at:  A. parryi ssp. neomexicana

A. parryi subsp. neomexicana in the Oliver Lee state park N.M.

A. neomexicana was described in 1913 by Wooton & Standly and it was compared to A. applanata.
It is strange that Trelease (1920), Berger (1915) and McKechnie (1949 p.166) made no mention of this species.
That is probably the reason why A. parryi var. neomexicana was newer published as a valid entity.
Breitung (1968)  and Benson & Darrow (1981,p.72) considered this species and Bernd Ullrich in 1992 revisid it as a subspecies of A. parryi.
Consequently the current name is A. parryi subsp. neomexicana.
The distribution of A. parryi subsp. neomexicana is the most  north easterly of the whole group of the Parryi.
There are beautiful forms with small blue leaves.
On Jan kolendo’s website you can see a picture of this species taken in the Hanbury Botanical Gardens at La Mortola in Italy.
The very small leaves are typical. In 2011 we visit yhe Oliver Lee State park in New Mexico there we have made some pictures from this plant, also we have some pictures made by Vic Abell.

A. parryi subsp.neomexicana ner the Arizona/New Mexico border (pict.Vic Abell Engl.)

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